Weeny Wise Reveal Trailer (New Version!)

A new trailer for the game “Weeny Wise” is now available! 
Weeny Wise has recently released a new trailer showcasing the voice actor for the main characters. The trailer also highlights improved lighting and shaders, with new footage of in-game scenes.

Palettes’ WIZ – International Art Challenge

Palettes' WIZ Poster

Calling all ARTISTS, we are going to hold a contest to introduce “PALETTES’ WIZ” to the world! This contest will be held from May 17-31st and the topic of this contest will be announced on the day of the challenge!

Our First Project

Starting the development of our first game in association with two other startups. Project O is suitable for our small-sized studio while remaining loyal to our long-term vision and goals. This game is categorized in a co-op and metroidvania genre.