Introducing the “Weeny Wise” game
"Weeny Wise" is a Co-Op, Adventure, Puzzle-Platformer and Exploration game

Weeny Wise is a co-op, adventure, puzzle-platformer and Exploration game that allows you to explore its vast world, inhabited by unknown magical creatures called Weeny Wise, and advance the main storyline of the game.

This game is an authentic lore about the Weeny Wises and the journey of two main characters named Anneli and Hugo who are trying to prevent a full-scale war between the Weeny Wises and humans. Ragna, a wizard with old grudges, has caused this chaos. After years, he has returned and used his magic to persuade the Weeny Wises to join him in this war. We will provide more information about the Weeny Wise and their hidden world in future updates.

The game aims to create a pleasant co-op experience where players can enjoy cooperation throughout their journey. The game mechanics provide players with various abilities that can be combined to solve puzzles, escape, and even engage in combat. Additionally, there is a ranking system in the game that allows teams to compete with each other, and more details about the competitive aspect of the game will be explained in the future.

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The game world allowing players to discover hidden places and delve into the side stories of surviving characters from Ragna’s attack. You can find different items and gradually uncover the amazing secrets of the Weeny Wise world.

This game is developed by Unco Games studio and published by Skyden Games. Two other studios, Rebellis and Dynamic Pixels, are also involved in the game development process. Rebellis is an artificial intelligence responsible for character design and animations, while Dynamic Pixels is responsible for advancing the game server-side.

We are delighted to have you join us on this journey. Please provide us with your valuable feedback on the game development process to help us improve.

For more information about the game, you can follow the official online channels:

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