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GENRES  Adventure  Puzzle Platformer Exploration

Welcome to the beginning of an incredible adventure…
Travel to a magical world, full of hidden creatures with Weeny Wise!
You and your companion in this adventure are Anneli and Hugo.
You will save the world of Weeny Wise from a witch who has escaped from prison and wants to fight against humans!

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

As a co-op game, Weeny Wise is played with two main characters. You must, with the help of a friend, navigate through the storyline and game levels. Single-player advancement in the game is not feasible!

Use Magic To Advance

Throughout the world of Weeny Wise you will encounter various magical stones. These stones will give you different abilities needed to both advance in the game, and be a good companion!

A World To Explore

When you enter the world of Weeny Wise you will be able to visit five different, yet equally magical, realms. You will also be able to use your abilities to search for and discover new items, information, or events. You will also be able to witness and interact with the ‘Survivals of Ragna’ attack, and experience both the main storyline and side quests simultaneously!

A new trailer for the game "Weeny Wise" is now available!  Weeny Wise has recently released a new trailer showcasing the voice actor for the main characters. The trailer also highlights improved lighting and shaders, with new footage of in-game scenes.