Our First Project
Starting the development of our first game in association with two other startups. Project O is suitable for our small-sized studio while remaining loyal to our long-term vision and goals. This game is categorized in a co-op and metroidvania genre.

Hello, we have been working on a game project called Project O for the past month. Currently, we can’t provide a lot of details about this project, but we are very excited about its development. In this project, we have tried to learn from our past experiences and mistakes in order to choose a project that aligns with the capabilities and vision of our team.

This project is a narrative-driven, metroidvania, and two-player co-op game that can be played both offline and online. Currently, a team of seven people is working on the project to ensure better quality achievement and speed up the development process, we are collaborating with two other studios. One of these studios (Rebellis) is responsible for our animations and character designs, while the other studio, Dynamic Pixels, provides cloud services and server-side game services. We also have a publisher for the project, but due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot disclose its name at the moment.

The game is currently planned for the PC platform, but we are eager to launch it on other platforms as well. We would appreciate it if you join us in the journey of creating our studio’s first game. Your feedback will be valuable to us, and we hope to be together in this process. follow us in social media for more updates and the latest news.